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Dennis M. Prokop
Dennis M. Prokop

Never say never - A common saying I've learned to live by later in life.

At the age of 65, being someone who would struggle to complete something as simple as a health questionnaire, I decided to try something different. Afterall, I had an abundance of free time after the passing of my wife of forty-three years, 10 months, and six days and, with the urging of my therapist (and probably with my condescending high school English teacher and those Catholic grade school nuns turning in their graves), I sat down and started to write a story that had rattled around in my head for years.

I have been influenced by a lifetime of activities that started with being born the third child of seven. I have two-years of military service including one-year in Vietnam, and a long career in residential construction and real estate. After returning from Vietnam, my greatest accomplishment took place in raising of my three children - which has generated six grandchildren and one great grandchild. I have always kept in mind that anything I write, I want my grandchildren to be able to read.

I first wrote the family-friendly story, The Mystery of Eagle Falls. When I arrived at a possible alternate ending for that story, it evolved into its own book, Returning to Eagle Falls, The Mystery Continues and then the trilogy was complete with, The Final Mystery of Eagle Falls.

A year or two later, inspired in part by a long vacation to Australia and extra time on my hands during the first few months of the COVID Pandemic, I wrote Dream Vacation. This book is intended for a more mature reader - since my grandchildren are now mostly in college - but still far from anything considered for Adults Only.

And, now in year two of the COVID Pandemic, and with additional free time, I'm in the middle of a new story. This story's timeline takes place in 1970. The story is about a young man who returns from the war in Vietnam to a dysfunctional family situation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and the famous Crescent Hotel, that is well known for its paranormal activity. What happens there, is another unique mystery.

Dennis M. Prokop

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