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Returning to Eagle Falls: The Mystery Continues

This is the Riveting Second Volume in the Mind-Bending Eagle Falls Trilogy

Page Publishing May 20, 2019
Pages 314

George Huntington believed he had solved the many mysteries he had inherited along with his beloved grandfather’s farm in The Mystery of Eagle Falls, but he was still unsuccessful at changing the future and eliminating the car accident that left his fiance, Laura Scott, in a coma. Now in Returning to Eagle Falls, he found himself challenged by something that was not of this world, a Native American spirit known as the Caretaker. He seemed to be the force that stood in the way of George’s efforts to change his future. Confused about what was a dream and what was reality caused by his own head injury, George solicited the help of a beautiful local Native American artifacts expert, Bonita Redbrook, who seemed to have a strong connection to both George and the spirit world.

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