About the Author
By Dennis Prokop

The following poems are my thoughts on a variety of subjects:

The Journey
Sometimes we must travel both near and far
Mostly trying to find out just who we are.

Driven by a desire to find that peace of mind
Not fully knowing what or who we might find.

Our thoughts are to the future, abandoning the past
Like a bloodhound on a trail, motivated and steadfast.

And then something clicks, right out of the blue
It's been there all along, right there in plain view.

It's not outside for everyone else to see
But inside our heart, something God gave to thee.

Another Day
When the struggles of the day are fading along with the dwindling light of the setting sun.
We can sit back and draw a deep breath of satisfaction that another day is finally done.

To reflect on the events of the day and learn something about ourselves at the same time.
To go through life without noticing these things would be considered such a crime.

Each day is too important to allow it to end as darkness wins the battle over light.
Even though the same battle will occur at daybreak with a different winner of the fight.

So, we escape to a place we find solace and isolation from our physical and emotional commitments of the day.
To allow our bodies and mind to rest and listen to that little voice inside us all and see what it has to say.

That quiet place might be sitting in our bedroom, car, or maybe in our backyard under a large shade tree.
There we analyze statements overheard from loved ones like, "why does everything happen to me."

It seems for whatever reason, each night we insist on giving ourselves a mental grade.
On how well we're able to handle today's challenges and thinking about tomorrow without being afraid.

When we're satisfied with the results of the events of the day and our thoughts drift off to going to bed.
Realizing tomorrow is just a few hours away and something to look forward to, not something to dread

Making Memories
Bon Jovi has a song about making memories, Roy Orbison has one too
If you are all alone when listening to their songs, you won't really have a clue.

Some memories are meant to last a lifetime, others not so very long
A laugh, a smile or a touch of a hand simply can't be said in a song.

The thoughts in your mind, the beating of your heart
If you could sing about those, it would be a good start.

Making a memory happens almost every day and it isn't very hard to do
The real secret is to make one, that won't leave you feeling blue.

A memory that can't be shared, now what is it really worth
Whether you live next door, miles away or any other place here on earth.

So, if fond memories are what you would like to create
Remember this rule, the sooner you start the less you will have to wait.

Our Dreams
Our dreams are one of the things that seem to defy time.
They might be worth a fortune, but they won't cost you a dime.

Our dreams come to everyone, never just for a few.
It's a feeling that stays with you, not something you out grew.

Our dreams define the person, who they are, not just where they are from.
They are not meant just for the rich, the old or even the young.

Our dreams are something that can't be touched, overheard, or even taught.
It's a feeling from deep inside that's found and never bought.

Our dreams are something very special that we all need to rely on.
They are carried with you throughout your life and sometimes even beyond.

Our dreams will stay with us, define who we are and who we hope to become.
They create our character, our conscious, our beliefs, but most importantly our wisdom.

Our dreams always come to an end, but their memories will remain.
It's not who you once were but with their help, who you just became.

Starting Over
To have twice found and then lost a great love is always hard to get past
After the grieving comes that empty feeling, wondering why it didn't last.

Then comes the survivor's guilt, another challenge to be met
Along with all those sleepless nights, something else to try and forget.

Maybe spin the hands of time forward and eliminate all those fears
Forget the stress and frustrations and dry up all of those tears.

We can try and remember all the good times, it's better that way
Because the future is what you make it, is what they always say.

About the time we think we might have to spend the rest of our life alone
Someone notices our profile pictures and decides to call us on the phone.

One life lesson we learned over all those years makes it a bit easier to begin
Because true love is easy to recognize if you're fortunate to find it again.

The Future
As another day breaks outside our windows, it might find us deep in thought
About all the events of last year, and how our well-made plans were mostly for naught.

We can try counting our blessings, thinking positively on what life is about
Yet even with all those good thoughts, there still is a sliver of doubt.

You have your newly acquired little tree with ornaments and your beachfront nights
I have all those wonderful memories and my string of green fish lights.

So, what are we to make of the accumulation of our lives to date
Will our future continue to be a struggle or somehow turn out great?

One thing I know for certain, even after all the time we spent in therapy
Our future is still a clean sheet of paper, waiting to be filled in by you and by me.

The Happy Bus
A friend told me about a mode of transportation that's really quite cheap
A good way to travel around the country, while your awake or asleep.

It's a little like traveling by plane, with instructions given as you leave
But with this mode of transportation, it's not for everyone, including the na´ve.

You can visit with other travelers that you happen to sit by
You can listen to their personal stories in silence or chose to reply.

Some of these other travelers can be most annoying at times
Talking on their cell phones, boasting of conquests and happy bedtimes.

While others share their welcomed stories of love and romance
Passing the time, watching the miles go past if you're willing to take a chance.

So, if traveling in comfort, meeting new people and saving some money is always a plus
The next time you want to travel, consider taking what people call the "Happy Bus."

That long wait can seem shorter when you don't count the days
Talking or dreaming might help, or you can always find other ways.

Making plans can be a good way to spend some time
To waste much of it worrying, would be considered a crime.

We can watch time pass, by watching the ticking of a clock
Final sands passing in an hourglass always seems like such a shock.

Watching sun shadows starting to extend, is another time telling sign
Some people can pass the time by the making of a rhyme

Time can be our friend, or time can be our enemy
Use it wisely and it ultimately will be your final remedy.

Always allow extra time when planning that big event
That's a great use of time and its always time well spent.

We have to use it wisely of whatever time we have remaining
Be true to your heart, then others you'll never be blaming.

So, take plenty of time planning that next rendezvous
It should only make it all the better, with you know who.

Webster defines wisdom, as the ability to understand what is right, true, or enduring
Even though it takes years to obtain, it's something really worth pursuing.

Wisdom is the appreciation of all things both large and small
Like the spring rains, summer flowers, and bright colors of fall.

It's obtained by our eyes and ears and stored in our hearts
Hard to understand at times, but wonderful when it starts.

Wisdom sometimes you carry like a heavy burden, almost like a curse
When it makes you do something over again, when you liked it at first.

Why they named a few of our teeth after it, seems somewhat unclear
Perhaps it was because it takes years of maturing before they appear.

Wisdom and money are often said to go hand in hand
It's just the way it works, more spontaneous than planned.

Even with all our wisdom, some negative life lessons will remain
It's not who you once were, but with their help who you just became.

Note: The following was written after a vacation to Australia and camping with new friends.

The Mystery of the Crooked River
In the Alpine Mountains there's a story the old boys often are known to tell.
About ghost-like visitors traveling fast on the roads, like they're escaping from hell.

On a warm summer day, they might be seen on a back road filled with dust in the air.
If you are unlucky enough to see a speeding caravan, you'd be best to beware.

They are known to rendezvous in Dargo for a little food and drink.
Then they are gone again before you can open your eyes, if you happen to blink.

Before leaving, "Saddle Up" is usually called out quite loud.
Followed by a chorus of "Rawhide" responded by those in the crowd.

Then they're gone again in a cloud of dust, pursing another steep rocky tract.
Nothing for the faint of heart, but more like a real challenge to attack.

Down the Crooked River Road is where they go to find something really tough.
One of the local boys calls out, "They're probably heading for Billy Goat's Bluff".

With the challenges of the day conquered, a favorite bivouac is soon located.
Now sounds of laughter, odors of fine cooking, a celebration is being created.

Is this just a legend or myth, are they ghost or real, of this I can attest?
They are the Double Diff Boomers, very real, and they are the best.