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The Final Mystery of Eagle Falls

This is the Engaging Finale to the Eagle Falls Trilogy

Page Publishing November 15, 2020
Pages 322

The Final Mystery of Eagle Falls finds George Huntington, his wife, Laura, and their two-year-old son, Bobby, living a tranquil life on his grandfather’s small farm near the town of Eagle Falls, West Virginia. That tranquility was first broken when George’s grandfather uncharacteristically became entangled with the Department of Justice when he tried to sell undocumented diamonds acquired in his past. Then, the town’s mysterious past and Laura’s Native American heritage seemed to collide and create sinister occurrences that somehow involved Bobby and grew in intensity as time went on. The young family quickly became desperate to end the frightening episodes and to understand the clues that seemed to point to the spirit world being involved. With nowhere else to turn, Laura reluctantly contacted Byron Bradley, an old love interest that she hadn’t seen in years, for help. With Byron’s ancestral archaeologist background including his expertise on Native American folklore and the spirit world, a risky all-or-nothing plan was developed to thwart Bobby’s unwanted visitors.

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