About the Author

Dream Vacation

Page Publishing June 21, 2021
Pages 248

After spending the last ten years raising two boys that arrived via a questionable marriage, ex-naval diver and human behavioral analysis Nicolas Falco decided he needed some time away from his anxiety-filled Washington, DC, job. With the boys away at college and the allure of revisiting his passion for scuba diving, especially in an area famous for lost pirate treasure, Nick headed for the crystal-clear waters of the remote Caribbean islands of Roatan and Utila. There, a wife he had not seen in years and a confusing mix-up with the CIA conspired to sabotage his attempt to enjoy the serene tropical islands. With a possible pirate treasure worth a king’s ransom at stake, Nick must sort through his past, a CIA probe, and a two-hundred-year-old mystery before he could hope to relax and enjoy his dream vacation.

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